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All around great car wash, everyone is very friendly. The prices are fair, and the work they do is great! Super far from where I live but when I'm in the area I always make sure to stop by!!

-Kristina N., Laguna Niguel, CA

I gotta say, when I took my POS Prius with 185,000 hard miles (with kids commuting) on it, I didn't think there was much they could do. We hadn't been able to get it detailed in a long, long, long time. When I picked it up I was so stoked! The light tan interior looked practically brand new (with minor exceptions that could not be helped like a small burn and of course, the wine stain in the truck from last Sunday's broken bottle), the mats were perfect, the fabric on the armrest was, well, tan again! They de-clouded the headlights so they look new again. They were courteous, professional, and deserved a better tip than I could afford to give. We will be back -- will be getting the exterior paint oxygenation taken care of, as well as the interior of the Tahoe POS. Tell them we sent you!

-Mary O., Yorba Linda, CA

I have been coming to Riverbend for the past two years. I have lived in this area for over 12 years and this is my favorite car wash. I usually get a regular or executive wash. About once a quarter I get a wax or mini detail. Last weekend I got the clay handwax/wash package for 69.99. The wax makes my car look like black glass. My car is a 2010 model, but the paint job looks new because of their wax jobs.

In between the details and hand waxing I get regular washes. They do take a while after regular washes because they do a thorough job of cleaning the inside and outside. So, I think the wait is worth my car being clean.

-Kim B., Yorba Linda, CA


I had my car washed last week and when I got inside I found a $10 bill sitting in my cup holder. It must have dropped down between the seats at one point and there it was in my cup holder once I had tipped the guy that handed me my keys!

AMAZING! They so easily could have put that in their pocket and I would have NEVER known! I will always go back here! Plus, they do a great job!

The other great story I have is that my neighbor had lost her wedding band. She had her car detailed here and they found it! Also in her cup holder.

Such Integrity!

-Wendy R., Yorba Linda, CA

The best car wash I have ever been to.

We have been getting all of our cars washed here for years, and they have always done an excellent job.

It usually takes about an hour, so bring something to do.

They set the benchmark for high quality car washes.

-Sean B., Lakewood, CA

Riverbend Car Wash is the best. We are very satisfied with the quality of the car washes. Thank you.

-Felicity P., Yorba Linda, CA

I have always made it a point to wash my own cars..I have seen too many car washes use dirty rags to wash/dry vehicles causing dreaded swirl marks. This is compounded by darker colors I.E-Black... Based on the reviews here I decided to try these guys out, I must say I was very pleased. They use fresh/clean rags to wipe the car dry and after close inspection no swirl marks! They took their time and I am very pleased with the results...If your schedule permits I would recommend going here when they open at 8:00 am M-F since they won't be as busy...

-Ben M., Yorba Linda, CA

I drive 15 miles to get my car washed here. The ones in Chino/Chino Hills are pitiful, always skipping something or partially completing the job. At Riverbend, they're pretty thorough. Even when it's busy and the cars stack up, they let you know it may be an hour or more instead of rushing you out the door with incomplete service.

It's also located in a small shopping center, so you can grab a cup of coffee or lunch if you're bored.

-Jefferson F., Chino Hills, CA

They normally do a great job at this place. I've been coming here for years and have also tried a few other places around the area. Riverbend is definitely one of the best. Just don't be in any sort of a hurry when you come here. A car wash takes twice as long as other places. But you are getting your $$ worth. Seems like the prices just went us as well. I swear the $19.99 wash use to be $17.99. You can find coupons in most of the coupon magazines. $2.00 extra for a truck/ SUV.

-Tim W., Orange County, CA

There was a bit of a "review my favorite car wash" trend on here recently so, here's mine as an update. Still the best within miles as far as I'm concerned.

Plus, I discovered a wash "option" that's not on the menu. How? Well, this place is real good about the detail at the end here and it can take a long time to get in-n-out if they are busy. The interior of my work vehicle just doesn't need cleaning everytime. So, I asked if they could just do exterior only? YES.....$10. Damn, that's what I'd pay for an upgraded wash at a touchless (as in doesn't really work to good) gas station car wash. So, yeah.....ben taking advantage of that deal ever since discovering months ago. Quick, cheap, easy.

In fact, I get that wash for all my vehicles now since I always ask for NO Tire Dressing on the other wash options anyway. As soon as you drive off a little tire dressing slings up on the side of your car and then dust sticks to it and you need another wash like in 2 days.

-Rob W., Orange County, CA

One of the best car washes I've ever been to. Certainly the best one near me now. The owner is usually there and seems to care what's going on. Same owner for like 15 years or something. Also, both of the managers are good guys and seem to know me now. Probably been here like 40 times +plus. They have very consistently good service with a very thorough finish after the wash. You will need plenty of time to wait if they are busy. They don't ever seem to rush even when things are backed up. I mean that in a good way, like each customer/car gets the same attention regardless.

-Rob W., Orange County, CA

This is by far the best Car Wash around. You can tell they do a great job pulling up because you see all the high-end luxury vehicles pulling out sparkling like new.

They always do a great job and I don't mind waiting around for my car (especially with Pink Chopstix and EZ Take-out Burger in the same parking lot.)

-Mary L., Yorba Linda, CA

BY FAR THE BEST CAR WASH AROUND. I am from the LA area and moved to the Anaheim Hills area a while back, and this by far is the best car wash I have ever taken my cars to. In addition, ALL of my cars are black- and everyone knows that those are very hard to wash. Well this is the best place to take a black car for a wash (or any other color for that matter) They do an excellent job!

It does take some time and wait is usually about 20-30 min. at a minimum but the results are outstanding. They take their time and they are very meticulous with your car. I have taken my cars to others in the LA, central OC, even the LA valley and nobody beats Riverbend's car wash service and quality. I usually go with the Executive wash- they do an outstanding job- everything on my black cars shine!

-Ernie D., Anaheim, CA

Of the few car wash places I have been to when I lived in Yorba Linda (and now Costa Mesa), this is still the most impressive. The prices are competitive (look for coupons in mailers and Penny Savers), and they pay great attention to detail when they wash your car. It can take them close to 30 minutes to hand wash it, but it is worth the quality, whereas other places would just be content to send you on your way in 15 minutes and leave some bug guts or water marks on your vehicle.

And do be sure to tip the personnel here appropriately! They put in a lot of hard work and it shows in how much your car shines after a good wash.

-Mike S., Yorba Linda, CA

I've bought both a simple wash and a hand wax and I have to say that I am pleased with both. Where other car wash facilities overlook some nooks and crannies, Riverbend Wash catches them (not all but damn close).

The workers are not overly nice cause they're so busy but they are always polite. The wait can be long but I make use of my time by going for a walk along the riverbend.

I am a loyal customer so as long they keep up the good work. Nowadays, I won't waste my money and compromise quality.

-Nerissa C., Anaheim, CA

I drove from Rancho Cucamonga to use them. It was well worth the drive. The attention to detail was great. I have made them a "favorite" on my GPS.

-Bernard B., Citrus Heights, CA

Living in the east coast for most of my life, I've never appreciated how good a car wash place can be until I went to River Bend. They are so detailed on cleaning not just the exterior but also the car's interior. One thing of note - if you've never been there before, expect to be there for at least 30-45 minutes cause that's how long they'll take with your car. Like the first reviewer said, it is also nice having EZ Takeout burger right next door.

-Steve G., Los Angeles, CA

They always do a great job with my car, very thorough and they pay attention to detail. The BEST carwash I've patronized

-Roger Jameson

If you have time, this is the place to go in Yorba Linda. Far better than Anaheim Hills Car Wash. They do a terrific job on all vehicles. Mine is black and it's important to get all of the waater from every crevice to ensure there is no streaking when you leave. They take the time to go over the vehicle over and over again to ensure it's cleaned well. No one in the area does as good a job

-Google User

Very detailed, even accepted a competitor's coupon, awesome car wash

-Google User

Good Choice OC Weekly.. Riverbend is definitely the Best Carwash in the OC! I've been going there for the past 10 years and they do an awesome job every time.

btw.. there is never a shortage of eye candy which makes the wait a little easier to handle.

-Picky OC Weekly Reader