Choose from a full range of services from Basic Washes to a Riverbend Special!

Exterior Wash

Hand Wash and Dry


100% Hand Wash

Interior Vacuum
Hand Wash
Soft Wash Rinse
Windows Cleaned


Riverbend Wash

100% Hand Wash plus
Tire Dressing
Air Freshener


Riverbend Special

Hand Wash
Hand Wax
Floor Mats Washed
Interior/Exterior Dressing
Wheels Cleaned
Air Freshener
Vans, Trucks, SUVs extra


Executive Wash

Riverbend Wash plus
Polish Wax
Sealer Wax
Clear Coat Protectant
Trunk Vacuumed
Air Freshener


Chief Executive Wash

Executive Wash plus
Interior Wipedown OR Exterior Dressing


Chief Executive Wash Plus Wash

Executive Wash plus
Interior Wipedown and Exterior Dressing


Rain Check: If it rains within 48 hours of washing your car, bring in your rain check coupon or your receipt for 50% off. (Must be presented within 48 hours).